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Bath treatments for sea lice that leave nothing behind but healthy fish and clean water.

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What is CleanTreat?

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CleanTreat cleanses the treatment water after delousing in well boats. The solution removes all medical components, and the water that is released back into the sea is completely clean.

CleanTreat can be used on well boats, tankers, platforms and landbases and is effective against most available bath treatments for sea lice.  The solution also removes treated sea lice, so that they will not spread resistance to the treatments.

Chemical based bath treatments that are subsequently released into the fjords is one of the biggest objections to the salmon farming industry. CleanTreat solves this challenge. 

Benchmark develops holistic solutions to the industry’s challenges

Benchmark is an innovation company that tackles the aquaculture industry’s challenges from many angles.

The company works with animal health, advanced animal nutrition, breeding and genetics and knowledge services, and develops holistic and profitable solutions to it’s customers. Biological control is key to the aquaculture industry’s long-term growth. 

Benchmark was started by British farmers in year 2000, who developed solutions to improve sustainability and animal welfare in the agriculture industry. The company soon expanded into the aquaculture sector, bringing with them their biological knowledge and experience. Benchmark has worked with various global companies, including McDonalds, IKEA and Marks & Spencer. Benchmark is convinced that aquaculture is key to sustainable food production in the years to come.

Benchmark has worked with the sea lice challenge for over 20 years. The future lies in preventative methods against sea lice, and Benchmark is currently developing such solutions. Until then, CleanTreat eliminates any environmental concerns surrounding medical treatments.

"We are optimistic on behalf of the aquaculture industryIn our work with the agriculture sector we have also seen challenges that looked impossible at first glance. However, there are always solutions. It is only a question of time before we find them."

Malcolm Pye, CEO — Benchmark

Follow the latest CleanTreat developments

We will now conduct large scale treatment trials together with our Norwegian partners. The CleanTreat solution will continuously be developed further together with the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest CleanTreat developments?

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