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What is CleanTreat?

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A water purification system that removes medicines from treatment water before returning to the sea.

The system is the first of its kind to be used in aquaculture.

Medicines that are released into the sea are one of the biggest objections to the aquaculture industry and have become a barrier to future growth.

Since 2017, the CleanTreat® water purification system has been operating to address these challenges — supporting the trials of our new sea lice medicinal treatment.

The CleanTreat® water purification system removes the medicine used in wellboat delivered bath treatments.

CleanTreat® also filters and removes the organic material from the treatment water including sea lice, egg strings, fish scales and faecal matter — an essential step in combating parasitic resistance to medicines.

By supporting farms to introduce the optimum levels of parasite control with minimal environmental impact, CleanTreat® is a commercially and environmentally secure solution in the fight against parasitic infestations.

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"CleanTreat represents a transformational change in the battle against one of the salmon industry’s greatest challenges and a step towards a future where no chemicals are applied directly to the sea"

Neil Robertson, Head of CleanTreat

Benchmark develops holistic solutions to the industry’s challenges

Benchmark is an innovation company that tackles the aquaculture industry’s challenges from many angles.

Working in aquaculture, the fastest growing segment of the food industry, we focus on tackling the main challenges such as disease, quality, profitability and sustainability.

Our aim is to be aquaculture’s leading provider of solutions in genetics, health and specialist nutrition.

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The CleanTreat solution will continuously be developed further together with the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest CleanTreat developments?

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